Time flies like a bird

Well, it certainly has been a couple of months since I last posted! And really, the reason why is there hasn’t been too much to tell. Things have been going pretty well for us up until this past week when we all caught colds. For some reason it has definitely changed the personality of each girl. Fun-loving, devil-may-care Eva has been VERY needy, crying almost every time that she isn’t being held or entertained. As I told her daddy this morning, with twins it’s just not possible for me to do that. She is getting lessons in patience from the get go, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Anyway, she is developing just splendidly. Her physical therapist thinks that she’s acting her actual age developmentally instead of her adjusted age, which means she really is ahead of the ball game. It may mean she turns into a more adventurous type of personality, inclined to give me heart attacks at an early age! But we will trust the Lord that He will protect her in His perfect will. At least for now it’s still very cute. Even as I type this I’m watching her crawl towards the bookcase, which I’ve blocked with Pack n’ Plays, and she’s still managing to worm her way into the nooks and crannies to access Mama’s things. REALLY can’t wait for her to understand what “no” means. šŸ™‚

Abigail, on the other hand, has become the happiest, most cheerful baby with this sickness. There was one day last week that I took her to my parents’ house so I could get some help, and she smiled all day, which made my dad pretty happy. She’s not quite where Eva is developmentally, but she is doing her fair share of talking and moving. She doesn’t crawl around like Eva, and she HATES tummy time no matter how much we try to encourage her to do it. At this point we’re not concerned because she’s still where she needs to be for her adjusted age. I ask the physical therapist every time if she’s happy with both the girls’ progress and she reassures me every time that at this point they are still fine. And the doctor is pleased with their health, too. They still struggle quite a bit putting on weight, which is a little difficult to understand because they eat pretty well. They may end up being small girls, which is fine with me unless they decide to become cheerleaders in high school, which means they’ll be the ones getting thrown and tossed. So it could backfire on us but right now it’s fine. šŸ™‚ This fall/winter we will still have to be a little closed off since RSV will be in full force and the girls getting it could mean another trip back to the hospital and getting put back on oxygen. Thankfully it’s not the life-threatening deal it was this past winter. The girls being around other kids is the biggest no-no for these upcoming months, but healthy adults are fine. The fact that we’ve all been sick with colds and they’ve done pretty well is a good sign.

Since there’s really not much to report I’ll just go ahead and post some pictures and video. Is it silly mommy stuff? Yes, but if you’re looking for something to briefly entertain you then look no further. Really it’s just a testimony to how far God has brought both girls. We could always use prayer that He will keep them safe and healthy. We could also use prayer that we find a good church home soon. Those are my two requests. Love and blessings to you all!


We've moved into high chairs!

Momentarily distracted

A longsuffering look from Abigail as Eva investigates

Just like Mommy...happiest with a blanket!

Abigail wears her bib in an odd location

Crinkle nose!

Holding hands and playing nice when not allowed free reign to trample over each other

Happy Eva!

Abigail sleeps in Bumpa's arms


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