Another change of plans…again

It feels like every time I write on here it’s because of something new and dramatic that has happened in our lives. But quite honestly, it’s because I’ve never wavered in my desire for information and informing others what to expect when something like this happens. I know doctors say not to google things, but I’ll admit I feel like sometimes they are withholding info to put my mind at ease. And doggone it, I just want the truth! I know every pregnancy is different, but now that we are having twins with TTTS information is more and more scarce. So I write this stuff in the hope that maybe someday someone who is also in my situation will stumble across this blog and be comforted, or aware, and not be in a fog of confusion.

I had experienced some bleeding for several nights earlier this week, and naturally it concerned me. On Saturday morning at 4:00 AM I called my OB in a panic to ask what I should do, especially since twins have a higher possibility of causing preterm labor. His advice was to put a pad on, check it in an hour, and if there was lots of blood to go to the ER. So I followed his instructions and since nothing came of it, I just rested all day. Two nights later, the same thing happened again. I didn’t call in a panic, but waited until the OB’s office opened and called. I left a message to have him call me back, which he nicely did later that afternoon. I was told if there were any contractions or lots of blood then to go to the hospital, otherwise there was nothing that could be done at this point. Now, I don’t want to sound like I’m bashing my OB because I really do like having him as a doctor. But this is a high risk pregnancy, so I decided from now on to call the perinatologist if something comes up. It actually did once again, so Dr. Joffe decided he wanted to take a look at the girls and make sure they were ok.

They are doing fine, thank goodness. Nothing has really changed. Turns out Abigail’s foot is in a perfect position to the placenta that when she kicks, she may have caused a little tear and bleeding. But I guess it’s more common than I was initially aware of. Next week I will have to get steroid shots to hurry along the girls’ development for the best possible outcome, which is fine with me. Heaven knows with my JRA I’ve had to deal with plenty of needles.

The bombshell that we got from Dr. Joffe yesterday is not necessarily a bad one, but it took us off guard. I guess Kevin and I need to have a discussion about me staying at the hospital until the girls are delivered. I said in the last blog that they can be delivered as early as 24 weeks (which is next Friday) but that’s not an optimal situation. But they can be monitored on a daily basis at that point. I’m not sure what that completely entails, but it does involve me basically moving into the hospital until the girls arrive. So I could be there starting next week, and I may be there for a while. Obviously at that point I would be unable to work, and the idea of staying at the hospital for several months is a bit daunting. I had just assumed that I would be staying home until Dr. Joffe told us it was time to deliver. So we could really use a lot of prayer on this decision, because we do want to give both girls every chance for a successful outcome. I’m praying that just because I may be at the hospital doesn’t mean I have to deliver until well into the 30s as far as weeks are concerned. It’s very encouraging that at every ultrasound the girls look very healthy, and they have become quite abusive in their kicking! We sure do appreciate everyone’s encouragement, thoughts, and prayers. We love you all so much and we are hoping you are all rewarded for your faithfulness by getting two very precious and healthy girls!


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  1. Ruth M. Romo
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 01:16:28

    Oh Laurel & Kevin!!

    Abigail surely is trying you, uh?! Maybe better in the belly than when she’s a teenager! I look forward to meeting her as well as Ava (I hope I have them correct!). You indeed are in my prayers. Love to all four of you! Ruth


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