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So I thought I’d post a new blog with all of the nitty gritty details of what is going on with this pregnancy. When I wrote the last one I was still in shell-shock mode from the news that we were having twins. It was overwhelming news, but at the same time very exciting, too! Lots of people have told me they would have paid good money to see Kevin’s face when we got the news. It was pretty amusing, let me tell you! So aside from all the unpleasantries that accompany pregnancy (let’s see…burping all the time, difficulty breathing since they’re pushing up my lungs, ill-fitting clothing, and the ever-present pregnancy waddle) I’m actually thrilled for my girls.

In the last blog I wrote that we found out the girls had TTTS, and two weeks ago I had no clue what that meant. I have since done my research and have a better idea of what’s going on. Eva, my bigger girl, is apparently getting more blood than Abigail, my smaller girl.
As a result, she has more amniotic fluid around her than Abigail. For a normal twin pregnancy, the amount of fluid around babies should be between 3-8 cm. I don’t have the numbers for our first ultrasound, but for our second one the numbers were 1.4 for Abigail, and 8.5-9 for Eva. TTTS has four stages of progression, and the first stage is this uneven amount of fluid around the girls. The second stage is when Abigail’s bladder can no longer be seen on a detailed ultrasound. The third stage is when the blood flow for one or both of the girls is absent or reversed in their umbilical cords or in a specific vessel near their hearts. The fourth stage is when one of the girls (probably Eva) shows evidence of hydrops, which is swelling that indicates heart distress or failure. On last week’s ultrasound as well as today’s we saw good-sized bladders on both girls, the blood flow for them was in a normal range and forward moving, and there was no evidence of hydrops. Today’s fluid measurements were 1.5 cm for Abigail and 5 cm for Eva. So things for Eva have improved considerably! That was very reassuring to hear. We are still a little concerned about Abigail, but this means we are still in stage one, which is a HUGE answer to prayer! According to a study I found online 70% of stage one cases either remain stable or completely regress to normal. That’s an encouraging number! And tons of prayer works miracles, as we are seeing today. 🙂 We are still being monitored very closely because TTTS can really progress quickly, and if it does for us we may have to go to Houston for surgery to even things out for the girls. But God has them in His hand, and there’s nowhere else I’d rather have them. I’m doing the few things I can to ensure they are getting what they need (pretty much eating non-stop, resting whenever I’m not working, and downing protein shakes like they are going out of style) but now we just have to sit and wait for them to grace us with their presence. After today’s good news I’m thinking we may make it to January after all. Our OB has told us he can pretty much guarantee they will have to be delivered via c-section, so at least we have an answer about that. But the girls are making themselves known to us with lots of vigorous kicking! I think they have their dad’s quad muscles. 🙂

It’s been great to have so much support from everyone, too. People have really stepped up to help out. Both moms have done lots of cooking already so I can have a chance to rest as much as possible. Thanks to my mother-in-law, Michelle, and Gina I now no longer have to buy maternity clothes. Grandparents are taking care of cribs. Sister-in-law Sarah is donating a pack-and-play. My Aunt Cathy has a double stroller for us to use. All of my bosses are being incredibly understanding and have told me whatever I need to do for the girls to just let them know and they will make it work. I’m sure I’m forgetting other generous gifts because God has really blessed us with amazing people who love us, are excited for these girls, and want to help out in any way possible. God has commanded us not to worry in Matthew 6, and He has given Kevin and I a peace about whatever may happen. I’m not saying it’s all roses from here on out, but it’s considerably easier than it could have been.

So I will be sure to keep everyone updated about how the girls are doing. We have another ultrasound Friday morning so keep praying that God will take care of our daughters. They can safely be born in just two and a half weeks, but we’d rather them to get bigger and healthier in mommy’s tummy, of course!


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  1. Janey Reinhardt
    Oct 05, 2010 @ 17:59:47

    So good to hear about all the support from your loved ones. I was very humbled by how all of our family and also this town (which has seen Caleb grow up but didn’t know me very well before Gabe) help us out in so many ways. Also, so good to hear that they will be “out of the woods” in a couple weeks! But yes, praying that they will remain safely where they are for a while yet =) Lots of love


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