Not a coincidence

Hello everyone! I’m hoping this blog will become something that we can use to let everyone know what’s going on with us. I’m seeing people do this more and more so people stay informed and no one gets hurt/offended by being “left out of the loop.” It happens all too much and we have been the victims of it, so instead of becoming perpetrators we’ll just try this blog instead. 🙂

I (Laurel) would like to ask for everyone’s prayer about a recent situation that has come to light. Kevin and I have season tickets to all the Lobo Men’s Basketball games, and we have been sitting next to a family with the sweetest little boy, Austin. He has some kind of disability due to an early childhood battle with cancer. But his spirit is, well, it’s something quite special. He and I have bonded over the top 25 NCAA basketball games, and we both help each other keep track of who has won or lost.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I learned that Austin is the nephew of some friends of mine, Greg and Brenda. I’ve known them for several years and as they are just some of the neatest people I really want Kevin to meet them. And I remember them asking me several years ago to pray for Austin, whom I had never met. Now that I’ve put two and two together I feel that the Holy Spirit is setting this all up for some purpose. Meeting Austin is not a coincidence. But what that purpose is I don’t know. I’m asking for prayer that He will lead me in obedience in His will. It’s so much fun to be led by the Lord and to see Him in action! I don’t want to miss this one!